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Friday, February 13, 2009

10 Reasons to Love Hating Cilantro, Number 8: The Fame

While I've often entertained the idea of a small, esoteric, and elite fanbase, (for cilantro hate propaganda and other literary works) I haven't known how it would feel to taste a glimpse of recognition for the first time on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Of course, that is until now.

If you're reading this you either hate cilantro and found me on google search, are one of my 25 or so loyal reading friends, or more likely read the piece in the Wall Street Journal today, which so generously did not contain a link to my blog. Thanks guys. Well, can't complain too much. So nice it is to be recognized and pencil-fied!

I'll keep this post short, but if you haven't read the WSJ article do--it's an interesting look at the amazing and surprisingly diverse community that has developed on the web around hating cilantro. As always, I'm honored and compelled to be a part of this community, indeed to be the self-proclaimed expert on cilantro hate and more importantly, cilantro hate introspection and sociology, if you will. If this is your first time here, I would suggest using this blog as an apt diversion from anything you'd like to be diverted form, mainly work I imagine.

As for the 15 minutes, it's as awesome as cilantro is not...


Jan Lisa Huttner said...

Not to worry, Erin, those of us who read the WSJ & want to find you know that Google is our friend :-)

You go, girl!!!

El Otro said...

People ask me how I keep so svelte, and I answer them that because I live in Costa Rica, where they cook everything with cilantro, I simply cannot eat. Good work in getting the 15 minutes; I'll be checking back constantly. If you're ever interested in the real life in the tropics, check out

Anonymous said...

I know it's sometimes hard to get through to waiters and kitchens at restaurants, but I really hope that you will reconsider lying about having a food allergy. I am the mother of 2 food-allergic kids and I practically have to pull the meds out to prove to some waiters the seriousness of my kids' condition. Maybe they've experience too many people "crying wolf" over food allergies? You wouldn't fake other medical conditions, so please, just get in their face a little more about cilantro or refuse to pay for dishes prepared with the herb...